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HTFC-II/DT Series Fire-control-Cabinet Type-Centrifugal Fan-used in fire control and ventilation places such as hotel, gym, school, public house, hall, cinema, theater, residential house, workshop, market and hospital, etc. It also can be used with Central Air-conditioning System or Environmental Protection Purification System. The fan with motor installed externally is fire control and ventilation dual-purpose; the fan with motor installed internally is ventilation use. The transmitted medium is air, other non hypergol air, non corrosion or the air harmless to the human body, the air containing stickum is not allowed, dust and solid impurities containing index in the air should be less than 150mg/m3. when the fan is used for ventilation, the temperature of air inlet should be below 80°C; Used for fire control, the fan can be running continually for more than 30 minutes when fire happen and the temperature of smoke reaches 280°C.



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